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Here at Amnet Solar we pride ourselves in our work to ensure all installations are up to standard and exceeds your expectations. We go the extra mile for all our clients by monitoring their solar systems for a whole year to ensure everything works as intended. 

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2X Alpha ESS 5.7Kwh


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R50 000

Camel in Desert

Client requested a Solar Solution that could sustain his house during load shedding and power failures while saving money on his electricity bill every month. 

We suggested and installed, 

1 x 8kW Deye Hybrid Inverter 

22 x 400W PV Panels (8.8kWp) 

2 x 10.2kWh Bull BSL Li-Iron Power Wall

Automatic Change Over 

AC Essential DB 

We also rewired the Fish Pond DB and pulled 2 new circuits to the Kitchen and a Bedroom. 

Client extremely happy with the installation and is saving an estimated R2800.00 on his electricity bill per month with an average PV generation of 1180kWh per month. 


8kW Deye Hybrid Inverter, 8.8kWp PV, 20.4kWh Bull BSL Battery Backup. (Queenswood Pretoria)


5kW Deye Hybrid Inverter, 2.25kWp PV, 4.8kWh Dyness Power Box

Client requested a backup solution only and after our site meeting decided to go for a small Hybrid solar solution. 

1 x 5kW Deye Hybrid Inverter

6 x 375W PV Panels (2.25kWp) 

1 x 4.8kWh Dyness Li-Ion Power Box

The solution is ideal as a starter setup for a hybrid solution and can still be expanded at a later stage. 

This solution provide ample backup time for the client during load shedding and power failures. 

We are looking forward to expand the solar solution at a later stage for the client. 

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Client had a existing 5kW Sofar Inverter with 3.6kWp PV Panels and a 5.1kWh Alpha ESS Battery. 

He wanted to upgrade to a 10kW system, but the Sofar Inverter didn't had the capability of expansion. 

We offered the client a solution by installing 2 x 5kW Deye Hybrid Inverters, with an additional 6.36kWp PV Panels and a second Alpha ESS 5.1kWh Battery. 

We also provided a super discount as a buy back for the Sofar Inverter which has been installed elsewhere again. 

The system is performing very well with an average daily generation of 38.7kWh over the last month. 

10kW Deye Hybrid Solar Solution

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