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Ampnet Solar has partnered with several companies to ensure we can accommodate any demands our clients have.

Colab & Consulting is a qualified Victron specialist with countless solar installs and years of experience within the solar industry.

The Electotech team is qualified electricians and qualified solar installers with their PV Green Card. They work fast and ensures that your solar system is up to standard and still looks aesthetically pleasing.

Ampnet Solar has started a sister company called Ampnet Air. We have a team that specializes in solar hybrid air conditioning and standard mid-wall split unit air conditioners and commercial and industrial air conditioners.

With these companies' friendly and professional relationships, we are all working together to grow as a single entity. This allows us to provide better and more services to our clients such as: Providing a COC as standard with any solar solution installation and monitoring of your solar plant to ensure that everything operates smoothly without any setbacks. 

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